Books Name: Engineering Mechanics: Statics (13th Edition)

Author: Russell C. Hibbelar (R.C. Hibbelar)
Edition: 13th
ISBN-13: 978-0132915540
ISBN-10: 0132915545

Why You Should Have This Book?

Engineering Mechanics (Statics) is one of the major books for the Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students and practitioners. It is a branch of mathematics. So mathematics students may also need knowledge in Engineering Mechanics Statics.

Russell C. Hibbelar is one of the famous writer in the field of Engineering Mechanics. He wrote several book and each of them are similarly popular as they are  incomparable in quality of writing and reading the mind of its readers.Engineering Mechanics Statics is the best book on the market through which you can learn the basics of engineering mechanics and their applications on the real life.

The theories are explained greatly for the readers, so that they can catch the theme easily. Many example problems are given with solution to make you understand of the topics simply. There are several exercises also by trying to solve you can gain the utmost experience in the field of Engineering Mechanics Statics.

In this 13th Edition of Engineering Mechanics(Statics), R.C. Hibbelar introduces several classroom problems to the learners by which students can check and cross check what the have learned. More than 50% of new homework has been added to the previous edition to make it an absolute update and new book.