Book Name: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics – SI Version

Author: Andrew Pytel and Jaan Kiusalaas
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-13: 978-0495295617
ISBN-10: 0495295612

Why You Should Have This Book?

Engineering mechanics is one of the most important and tough subject for the engineering students. Every student of Civil engineering and mechanical engineering must pass the subject for which they may need deeper knowledge with the application of easiest and convenient method. Problems of engineering mechanics-dynamics are often very critical to solve and that’s why it always takes extra attention of the students and teachers.

Andrew Pytel is a famous writer about the discussed topic and in this textbook he implemented the best, relevant and proper method to solve the basic problems of engineering mechanics-dynamics. He also discussed the basic theories that is must to know to any students or learners. He also implemented the rules to solve the toughest problems.

Hope this book will help the readers a lot.


Chapter-11: Introduction to dynamics

Chapter-12: Dynamics of particles :rectangular co-ordinates

Chapter-13:Dynamics of Particle:Curvilinear Co-ordinates

Chapter-14: Work-energy and Impulse-momentum Principles of particle

Chapter-15: Dynamics of Particle Systems

Chapter-16: Planar Kinematics of Rigid Bodies

Chapter-17: Planar kinematics of rigid bodies:Force-mass-acceleration method

Chapter-18: Planar kinematics of rigid bodies: work-energy and impulse-momentum methods

Chapter-19: Rigid body dynamics in three dimensions

Chapter-20: Vibrations