Books Name: Engineering Mechanics: Statics (Activate Learning with these NEW titles from Engineering!)

Author: Andrew Pytel and Jaan kiusalaas

Edition: 4th

Engineering mechanics discusses about the behavior of different bodies under different types of forces acting over it. It is one of the most common subject in the field of Civil and Mechanical engineering. There are a lot of principles that may apply when a force is applied over a body. These phenomena are discussed in this books ith the properties of the bodies and materials.

This is the first part book of the engineering mechanics series by Andrew Pytel. The second part is Engineering mechanics-dynamics.

Chapters included in the Engineering Mechanics-Statics are:

Chapter-1:Introduction to Statics

Chapter-2: Basic Operations With Force Systems

Chapter-3: Resultants of Force Systems

Chapter-4: Co-planar Equillibrium Analysis

Chapter-5:Three Dimensional Equillibrium

Chapter-6: Beams and Cables

Chapter-7: Dry Friction

Chapter-8: Centroid and Distributed Loads

Chapter-9: Moments and Products of Inertia of Areas

Chapter-10: Virtual Work and Potential Energy

Appendix-A:Numerical Integration

Appendix-B: Finding Root of Functions

Appendix-C: Densities of Common Materials

Answers to Even Numbered Problems