Book Name: Engineering Surveying, Sixth Edition

Author: W. Schofield and M. Breach

ISBN-13: 978-0750669498
ISBN-10: 0750669497

Why You Should Have This Book?

Engineering surveying is a major part of any engineering works. It covers the area from the very begining of the engineering work to the vary last of the work. So engineering surveying has extra care over the issue. Engineering surveying by W. Schofield and M. Breach is  the sixth edition of this series and this book covers almost everything that any engineer may need in his engineering work.

It covers the very precise distance measurement and vertical control methods that would help the surveyors and engineers. The authors were very careful in describing the angle measurement,conventional control measurement and other measurement systems. Curve setting, earth works measurement and dimensional controls are also included in this edition. The authors are also very careful about the recent involvements in engineering surveying. Therefore they also included modern surveying types like satellite surveying, underground surveying and matrix algebra.