Books name: Environmental Engineering

Author: Joseph A. Salvato, Nelson L. Nemerow and Franklin J. Agardy

The real world are facing the environmental problems  now a days. The proper management of the environmental issues can fix the environmental problems a lot. This book is related to environmental issues and their probable solutions.

This book give emphasis on sanitary science and applied the theory of sanitary science to solve the sanitary problems. The transformation of different materials like air, water and land are described in this book. Different chemical reactions occurring the nature are described and explained. To rich the text of the books empirical formulae, different rules of thumb and other experience of the authors are included and probable best solutions of the problems are executed.

This book also includes the design procedures of different construction related to environmental engineering are described. Maintenance,operation details of sanitary landfill and water treatment plants. Various examples and and drawing were prescribed and included in the book.

Wastage treatment plant installation and maintenance of wastage treatment plant are discussed briefly. Different disease making viruses, bacteria and their possible attacking way are also discussed to prevent the attacking of diseases.