Books Name:Environmental Engineering: Principles and Practice

Author: Richard O Mines Jr.
ISBN-13: 978-1118801451
ISBN-10: 1118801458

What is Specialty of This Book?

Environment is the surrounding we do live everyday. So it is a very important part of our nature and therefore we must keep it safe for our future generation.
Richard o Mines, Jr is one of the famous teacher of Department of Environmental Engineering,Mercer University, Macon,Georgia,USA.

This Environmental Engineering:Principles and Practice book is a very good one to follow the rules and procedures in the field of environmental engineering. Teachers can follow this book as this book illustrates the theories more easily and keep in mind of the upper undergraduate or graduate students.
Various theories relating to the topic are induced and numerous examples including that of real life problems are also provided. Texts are provided to serve a a design approach and methodological,practical and functional environmental engineering are discussed to give its readers a clear view over the environmental engineering topic.
This book will be a great one for the practicing engineer and learners and they can also use this book as a reference book.As the theories are greatly related to environment so mechanical and chemical engineering students can also use the as reference book of their study and thesis. The pictures and graphs used in this book are of very good quality that will satisfy its readers.

Topics Covered in this Book

  • Water purification system design
  • Wastewater management
  • Sustainability of works
  • Public health related issues
  • Latest theories about environmental engineering
  • Wastewater treatment design etc.