Books Name: Environmental Science: A Global Concern

Author: William Cunningham
Edition: 6 pck edition
ISBN-13: 978-0073532547
ISBN-10: 0073532541

Why You Should Have This Book?

Environment is now one of the major concerns of the world. Our living as well as the environment of the world are getting polluted day by day. Therefore it is much needed to cope with the present situation of our global environment to pause an extinction to human lives.
Environmental Science by Cunningham is a book that concerns about the changes that is happening around our favorite environment everyday. The author William Cunningham represents the general things in a descriptive manner and also discusses about some major changes of the present world.
This books helps those who has a major but would works equally for those who are non-science major in environmental engineering.
For the college students and for the university graduation courses of environmental engineering this book may come in great value if you can utilize it. Easy to realize example and as environment is closely related to human lives,this book can help you to materialize the things happening around you and also about global change issue.
Environmental Science: A global Concern by Cunningham will introduce its readers to the up to date and introductory knowledge on environmental science. The easy approach of the text will easily capture the mind of its readers. There are several case studies and real life examples on the field of environmental science.