Book Name: Estimating for Residential Construction

Author: David Pratt
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-13: 978-1111308872
ISBN-10: 111130887X

Why You Should Have a Copy of Estimating For Residential Construction?

Estimating is one of the major part of any construction. As estimating is directly related to material management for construction and costing of the project so it is very necessary for everyone related to construction industry to have a proper and clear concept over estimating.

Residential Building are one of the major issues in the present world. As the population is growing day by day, new residential buildings with multi facilities are becoming popular. Moreover, the concept of green building has also emerged which needs very close monitoring and greater thinking ever we had thought  before.

To meet the challenges of 21st century in the construction of residential building you may get different books of several authors. But to minimize the cost of your residential building project and to ensure proper quality of construction work of residential buildings, you need to analyze a bit more than the usual.

Estimating for Residential Construction by David Pratt is one of the best books, that can give you the proper knowledge over the topic estimating. As the number of items involved in construction of a residential building huge and involve quality matters one should have good knowledge over the topic to understand the costing of his building construction.

As the famous book Estimating for Residential Construction by David Pratt contains almost everything required by an engineer to do the estimating properly, so this book serve its purposes nicely. Moreover the simple and clear understandable languages can be easily understood by the non-engineers and students that can help them to get the things clear.

This book is one the best seller in in the engineering category not only for its huge readers but also for its genuine,easy and understandable presentation of tough estimating calculations.