Excel Sheet: Mix Design of Concrete

Mix design of concrete is a very important part of any type of concrete and civil structures. By the dint of mix design, one can easily find the amount of aggregates, water, and cement required to produce the best concrete according to the concrete class needed.  Excel Sheet for Mix Design of Concrete procedure involves everything that is needed to design concrete and also have calculations to prepare six nos. of concrete cylinders to test the compressive strength of the concrete. This excel sheets calculations are precise.

How to use this excel sheet for concrete mix design:

1. At first, enter the project name and others data needed to identify the project.

2. Find the red marked boxes and fill it with the associated data (To find the data one may have to conduct tests like specific gravity test, unit weight tests etc.)

3. Edit the red boxes according to the data needed.

4. Finally get the mix design ratio.

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