Books Name: A First Course in Finite Elementsimages

Author: Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko

This book is a complete book for finite element analysis both for civil,mechanical and industrial production engineers.

Chapters that are included in the books are–

Chapter-1: Introduction

Chapter-2: Direct Approach for Discrete Systems

Chapter-3: Strong and Weak Forces for One Dimensional Problems

Chapter-4: Approximation of Trial Solutions, Weight Functions and Gauss Quadrature for One Dimensional Problems

Chapter-5: Finite Element Formulation for One Dimensional Problems

Chapter-6:  Strong and Weak Forms for Multidimensional Scalar Field Problems

Chapter-7: Approximations of Trial Solutions, Weight Solutions and Gauss Quadrature for Multidimensional Problems

Chapter-8: Finite Element Formulation for Multidimensional Scalar Field Problems

Chapter-9: Finite Element Formulation for Vector Field Problems-Lear Elasticity

Chapter-10: Finite Element Formulation for Beams

Chapter-11: Commercial Finite Element Program ABAQUS Tutorials