Books Name: Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Applications

Author/Writer: E. John Finnemore

Publisher: Joseph B. Franzini

Edition: 10th

Why You Should Have This Book?

Fluid Mechanics is a part of both Civil and Mechanical Engineering. At undergraduate level, students have to study fluid mechanics as a mandatory course.So for the students of Civil and Mechanical Engineering studying Fluid Mechanics is a must.

Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Application by Finnemore is one of the most followed books on the field of fluid mechanics for engineers. This book is mainly written for the Civil Engineering students but this book could be a good source book for the Mechanical Engineers too.

This book covers almost everything needed by a student at their point of study and helps them to get the proper basic knowledge. The 10th edition of this book is different from other edition in many respect. 10 th edition of Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Applications is accurate in disbursing its text to the memory of the students. This book also covers Open Channel Flow Mechanics that is a addition to the previous editions.

Several worked out examples and real life problems are incorporated to make students familiar with the real life fluid mechanics situations. In addition to the real life problems this book also covers many computer related research problems that can be easily be solved by Matcad and MathCad.

This book is also famous for its easy and understandable student friendly approach. Several theories,graphs,tables and pictures made the book a awesome one for the Fluid Mechanics course on universities.