Books Name: A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Engineers
Author: Buddhi N. Hewakandamby
ISBN : 978 87 403 00697
Size: 7.41 MB

In the field of Mechanical, Chemical and Civil engineering the knowledge of fluid mechanic is extremely crucial. For this reason this course is studied during the very early stage of courses. In this stage, it covers very basic topics such as physical properties of fluids, the topics in fluid statics and dynamics in the field of fluid mechanics rather than more complex mathematical conception. Hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and forces on immersed bodies are the subject matter of fluid statics. Whereas, Fluid dynamics deals with Bernoulli’s principle. Moreover, the nature of fluid flows is discussed in engineering context. Laminar and turbulent flows in pipes are explained in point. Lastly hydraulic design is addressed paying consideration to pump capacity calculations. This book is generally studied for first year undergraduate student.