Books Name: Fundamentals of Concrete Mix Design

Concrete mix design is one of the most important part of any civil structural engineering. For any civil engineers, it is must to do the mix design in laboratory and find out the possible characteristic compressive strength of the concrete. Compressive strength of concrete can be found by preparing the trial mixes of compounds that make up the concrete. Generally, the mix design consists of various products like cement,coarse aggregate,fine aggregate etc. In some cases where higher compressive strength of concrete is necessary admixture can be used. Generally , water reducing admixture with plasticizing properties are used to increase the compressive strength of concrete. To test the strength of the concrete generally cylinder( radius 6 inch, height 12 inch) are prepared( ACI code). In case of British standard code cube mold (length 6 inch,width 6 inch,height 6 in) are prepared with different trial mix of cement, CA and FA. Then this cylinder/cube are crushed under compressive strength testing machine and repective dial gauge reading are taken. Then expressing the load applied are converted to the stress (MPa) and finally the compressive strength of the concrete of each specified cylinder/cube is found and is represented as compressive strength of concrete. Generally , cube give more result than the cylinder specimen with same mixing ration of the aggregates and fillers.Fundamentals of Concrete Mix Design will show you how to do concrete mix design.

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