Books Name: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Author: Bruce R. Munsun, Alric P. Rothmayer, Theodre H. Okiishi and Wade W. Huebsch
Edition: 7th

What This Book has Special?

Fluid Mechanics is one of the major subjects for many of those engineering students who find it real tough t solve the fluid mechanics problems and understand the theories.
This 7th edition of Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Bruce R. Munsun is a very good and concise book on the field of fluid mechanics. This book covers the typical theories and problems along with a lot of varied examples that covers the delicate theories.
A introduction to theories and real life problems in the context makes it a real good book for the students and also for the teachers. Students and teachers will find it very easy to read and understand the theories. Readers will gather a gradual gather of knowledge by reading it chapterwise. Moreover, several new types of problems and solve of these problems introduced in a easy to understand manner.