Books Name:Fundamentals of Geotechnical EngineeringPrinciples-of-Geotechnical-Engineering

Author:Braja M. Das

Edition: 7th

This book is a very basic book on geotechnical engineering and can be taught at undergraduate civil and geotechnical engineering level. This book describes the basic of geotechnical engineering with easy illustration. It describes the general properties of soil,its computations and formulations. Weigh-volume relationships of soil,grain size analysis of soil,hydraulic conductivity of soil and empirical relations are described to make the learning more easier. Stresses in soil,shear stress in soil,sensitivity,thixotropy and anisotropy of clayey soil,lateral earth pressure and different settlement of soil described in differen chapters of this awesome book.

B. M. Das’s Principles of Geotechnical 7th (Seventh) edition(Principles of Geotechnical Engineering [Hardcover])(2009)