Books Name: Fundamentals of Surveying

Author:S K Roy

Page :611

Size: 22.5 MB

Chapter Headings

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Errors in Measurement

Chapter 3: Measurement of Horizontal Distances

Chapter 4: Electronic Distance Measurements

Chapter 5: Levelling I

Chapter 6: Lvelling II

Chapter 7: Permanent Adjustments of Levels

Chapter 8: Angles and Directions

Chapter 9: Compass Survey

Chapter 10: Theodolites

Chapter 11:Traverse Survey and Computations

Chapter 12: Curves

Chapter 13: Vertical Curves

Chapter 14: Areas and Volumes

Chapter 15: Tacheometry

Chapter 16: Plane Table Surveying

Chapter 17: Topographical Surveying

Chapter 18: Construction Surveying

Chapter 19: Underground Surveys

Chapter 20: Computer Programs in Surveying

Modern surveying includes a lot of computations that are complex in nature and are almost all time they are computer aided. To keep up to date the author put different chapter for different types of surveying methods and ways. This book also contains a chapter that is named as computer programs  in surveying which will help students to learn about the recent inventions in the field of surveying and applications of those inventions in real life in the most easy manner.