Books Name: Geometric Modelling using CAD/CAM

Geometric Modelling

Geometric Modelling using CAD/CAM (pdf) PN RAO

This pdf of Geometric Modelling is cited from the chapter 4 of CAD/CAM principles and Applications by P N Rao( 2nd Edition).

Geometric modelling is a very important part in geometric modelling using CAD/CAM.  The main objectives of this chapter is to know the various requirements for the information that is generated during the various stage of modelling and studying various geometric models possible and their applications. This chapter will also enable its reader to generate models like sweep, surface       models , solid models etc. It will also help to recognize models, product cycle and different manufacturing process and its utilization.Usually the shapes and objects created with geometric modelling  are two dimensional and three dimensional. But in some case any model of finite dimension may need to create. Actually two dimensional models are computer typgraphy and technical drawing and three dimensional models are the main part of computer aided design and manufacturing process.

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