Valentines Day 2015Valentines are on the eve and surely you are planning to give your best to your loved one. You will surely give some sort of gift to your valentine this year.
So, why not to think about books. A book is a storehouse of not only knowledge but also a lot of love. :)
It can make your valentine to smile after reading what you think of.
What will you do on this valentines day? Having fun with valentines is one of the most common practice. In this process you can buy some sort of gift(mind it: not only flowers) and present it to your loved ones.There is a great tip too…
You can surprise your loved ones/valentines with a written book of yours. Just start by today and write a short bio of your life including the time passed with your partner or valentines. Include what you think the best time on your life and what is the best time passing with your girlfriend/boyfriend. State in short how you first met, how did you felt when you first saw her, how much time you spend with his/her and so on. Absolutely there are a lot of ways to think. Just think about her and I am sure you will certainly find the love you own to him/her.

If you think you are not a good writer, you can just buy a good love book, write some good loving words and send it to your loved ones with some flowers(Red Roses are great indeed:)).

There are lot of Books that have been published on this valentine.We are giving you a short list of the books. You can have them and can say ‘I LOVE YOU’.