PDF/ Code Name: Indian Standard for Plain and Reinforced Concrete (4th revision) 

Indian Standard for Plain and Reinforced Concrete

indian code IS 456:2000 PDF

Size: 8.26 MB

Publication date: July 2000

What in this edition?

  • Title Page
  • Forward
  • Contents
  • Section-1-General
  • Section-2-Materials, Workmanship,Inspection and Testing
  • Section-3-General Design Consideration
  • Section-4-Special Design Requirements for Structural Member’
  • Section-5-Structural Design (Limit State Method)
  • Annex A
  • Annex B
  • Annex C
  • Annex D
  • Annex E
  • Annex F
  • Annex G
  • Annex H
  • Amendment No. 1

Indian standard code of practice IS 456:2000 4TH edition is one of the most practiced construction and building structure code that is followed in Indian sub-continent. These code of practice was adopted by Indian Bureau of Standards. This 4th edition of this book emphasizes on the following factors:

1. Durability of concrete has become a cause of tension to the modern concrete technologists. In this edition, durability of concrete has been codified,

2. Sampling and acceptance criteria for concrete has been modified.

3. Properties of new three grades for concrete has been included.

4.Permissible limits of solids in water has been modified.

5.Environmental exposure conditions has been modified.

6.Quality assurance measures has been included.

7. Requirements of fire resistance included.

8. Reinforcement cover requirements has been changed.

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