Regulation of India’s rivers and other water systems has been evolving for thousands of years in the face of varying socioeconomic and technological conditions. India’s Waters: Environment, Economy, and Development is a study of the current state of development, and proposed future development policies of the government of India, which is the developmental agency.

Books Name: India’s Waters: Environment, Economy, and Development

Author: Mahesh Chandra Chaturvedi

India’s water and hydrology system is one of the most critical water system in the world.  The hydrological system due to himalayas and non-himalayas river make it more difficult to realize the proper characteristics of water flow and circulation. The author was very choosy to address the India’s physical and hydrological system. The author also describes how the government is trying to use the water and hydrological resources and in which way they can be more useful. The recent inventions in water system and the recent projects taken by the government to utilize the water resources has also been discussed. The author also describes the GBM( Ganges, Brahmaputra, Meghna) basin which is one of the biggest basins in the asia.

This book could be a good resource fro those who wants to study the water resources of Indian sub-continent.