Books Name: Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (3rd Edition)

Author: Gilbert M. Masters and Wendell P. Ela
ISBN-13: 978-0131481930
ISBN-10: 0131481932

Why Every Environmental Engineering Student Should Have This Book?

Environment is now the most talked word in any save world symposium or seminar. It is very to important to save our environment and utilize it to the fullest sense so that we may need not suffer in the future.
To utilize the environment in its fullest sense, knowledge of environmental engineering is a must.Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Masters and Ela is a book where you can find the enthusiasm of basic environmental science and its application i.e environmental engineering. Masters and Ela tried to discuss about the recent environmental problems such as salinity control,catastrophe,ozone depletion,melting of ice,sea level rise,air pollution, soil pollution,water pollution and tries to show us a way how we can reduce the environment pollutants and thus save our surrounding environment.

This book may be used a undergraduate textbook as the languages are easy to understand and written in clear,understandable format. Therefore, anyone who do not have much knowledge about environmental engineering can also gain some knowledge through this book.