Books Name:Introduction to Hydrology (5th Edition)

Author: Warren Viessman Jr. and Gary L. Lewis

Why You Should Have This Book?

Probably you are in search of a book hydrology book where the texts will be clear,theories will be understandable,equations will be easy, problems will be related to real life and  overall have a good presentation. If these are the criteria of your searching than you should have Introduction to Hydrolog(5th Ed) by Warren Viessman Jr. and Gary L. Lewis.

This book is quite different in its presentation in many respects. This book arranges the hydrological matters in the first 10 chapters. Then it started to go through the real life problems and solving them. So for the students and for the teachers at first this will give you a description of the various hydrological events and then chronologically describes theme according to our real life situation. As a result our brain get modified to practice the best using the developed theories and therefore a constant development over the hydrology grows on.

Topics Covered in this Book

  • Events in a hydrologic cycle
  • Flood,drought management etc.
  • Water management
  • Water supply
  • Urban Drainage
  • Potable water
  • Development and protection of water resources