Books Name:Introduction to the US Food System: Public Health, Environment, and Equity

Author: Roni Neff
ISBN-13: 978-1118063385
ISBN-10: 1118063384

Why This Books is Special for Studying US Food System?

United States of America has a complex food habit and environmental system. Introduction to the US food System:Public Health, Environment and Equity is the first ever written document/book to study this complex system.
This book demonstrates about the Food System that is prevailing around all through of United States(US) and its interrelationships with public health,environment,ecology and so on.
The book Introduction to the US Food System:Public Heath, Environment and Equity is a result of the research done by the John Hopkins Center. John Hopkins Center works for a better future of US and helps to find out the problems in the prevailing system and thus tries to find probable solution of the problem. Therefore this book could be one the major source of research topics and for those who wants to know the food systems of the US could be of great help.
This book on US food system introduces you with something extra-ordinary like food system and public health of US, relationships between this two core subjects. It also describes and discusses about environmental equity,quality,sustainability,resilience,diet system,food vector diseases,diet related diseases, food security,social justice based on food system and ecology. As this book is a outcome of a good research it will provide you with the updated data and figures of the recent food system and environmental issues of United States of America.
This book follows easy to make you understand about the text and proper graphs,graphics and photographs are also presented to make the text remember able for the students.
This book also discusses about the political factors that influence the food habit and food system within US.