Books Name: Machine Design Databook

Author: K. Lingaiah

Why You Should Have Machine Design Databook?

Machine design is a very sophisticated subject on mechanical engineering study. Anyone who wants to pass B.Sc. in mechanical engineering or wants to study mechanical engineering may require gaining in depth knowledge of machine design.

Machine design Data book is a very useful book for the mechanical engineers. It is general that one may have very good knowledge on machine design but due to availability of proper data he may not be able to complete work. That’s why all associated data’s related to machine design are included for the ease of the reader in this book.

This book discusses about the properties of materials related to mechanical engineering. Static stresses in machine elements, Dynamic stresses in machine elements, stresses concentration and stress intensity in machine members are discussed in chapter 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

To design of machine elements for strength, CAMS, Pipes, Tubes and cylinders properties are described in chapter no. 5,6 and 7 respectively.

Design of pressure vessels, plates, shells and power boilers are included in chapter no. 8 and 9.
Other topics that are discussed in various chapters of this book are:

Rotating Disks and Cylinders, Metal fits, tolerances, welded joints, riveted joints, design of shafts, and design of flywheels, keys, pins cotters and joints.