Books Name:Making Things Move DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists

Author: Dustyn Roberts
ISBN-13: 978-0071741675
ISBN-10: 0071741674

Why You Should Have This Book?

Making Things Move by Dustyn Roberts is a book of application of everyday science to reality.This book will show you how to make things move so that they can be used in your practical life like as in many of toys and in small motor shafts.

Through this book you will not get any explanations of why it is moving but will be able to manually build them to move.To move different parts of a toys and much more than that of. There are several examples of real life moving mechanisms that turns into reality. The projects include a drawing machine,a mini wind turbine and a powered car. But they are built by your imagination only.So this book is for fun for boys and girls through which they can gather some knowledge about how to fix moving instruments.

The chapters are well equipped with several pictures of the moving machines and its parts.Projects are so selected that can be easily be implemented through use of everyday plastics,wood,metals nearby and so on.

Making Things Move emphasizes on the practical implementation of basic sciences so that they can produce some fun and gather a lot of knowledge to the learning boys and girls. The projects described here are easy to implement with common materials available and small,medium and large scale projects are included to make it perfect for all types of learners from basic to pro.Moreover, discussions on topics such as 3D printing and laser cutting are included.

The books companion website will help the learners to get in touch with any type of help needed.