Yes, there is always a race in the construction industry. The race closely related to building skyscrapers. Every nation now-a-days wanting to build tall buildings and a result by 2018 we are going to see as tall as 1000 meters = 1 km tall building. This is great !! Isn’t it? But the question arises, it took around 2018 years for the human to build a 1000 km, how many years we need to build a 2000m tall building?

By 2020 the tallest building of the world would be Kingdom Tower which is previously was known as Jeddah tower. From the above picture, you can see the length of Kingdom Tower is 1007 meter which is equal to 1.007 Km. So, finally, human civilization is being characterized by a 1 KM tall building.

Previously, Burj Khalifa was the tallest building in the world and Kingdom tower is going to snatch the crown of tallest building in 2019. The total cost of Kingdom Tower will be around $1.23 billion on a preliminary survey. Obviously, it is going to see an increase in cost due to many factors.

If we count the time we see, after 2019 years, we are going to build a building that is 1 KM tall. But the question arises can man build around 2 KM tall building? If yes, how many years it is going to take to build a building of 2 km tall?

What is the height of the Everest? The answer is 8848 m i.e. 8.848 km. If you consider this as tallest natural structure, then theoretically it is possible to build a structure of around 8 km long. But before believing that you need a consideration on many other construction factors and these construction factors will surely help you to determine how long can we build?

There are several construction factors we need to believe. The Everest is on The Himalayan and its base(I mean foundation) is something we need to taken account of. The base of The Himalayan is something incredible and it is not possible to build this kind of huge base for the human.

The material quality we need to build a 2km long building needs to be very good in its properties. But till date, we did not find any material that can give such huge strength. But as the research is ongoing, we believe that within 2050 we will have that material, that can help in building a 2km building.

The soil is the most important criterion to build a 2 km long building. Either we need to find it or we need to improve the soil to be the huge load of 2 km tall building.

What we feel for more and more? Yes, money. To build a structure of 2km long we need a huge investment.  So, funding could be crucial, if we try to build a km tall building.

There are several factors like material lifting, lift properties, to how much height man can cope to live, proper engineering and so on.

As various countries working on building superstructures and as research is going by, I believe we are not far away from building a 2000 m tall building. We may need utmost more 100 years as per my assumption to build a structure of 2 km long.

Finally, its possible. Its possible to build a 2000 m long building on my view.