Creep and shrinkage are one of the many properties of concrete. Questions about Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete are often to arise in many civil engineering works and also in the exams and interview board. Here we clarifying the things.

Creep of Concrete:


Creep of concrete is a certain property of concrete. Creep of concrete generally arises from the Calcium Silicate Hydrates in the hardened cement paste. Generally creep is defined as the time dependent deformation of the concrete.

Creep of concrete occurs due to the presence of stresses that are below the yield stress but that is standing on the structure for a long time.

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Shrinkage of Concrete


Concrete undergoes a change in volume due to drying or losing of water. Volume change is one of the most severe properties for the durability and stability of concrete and therefore shrinkage of concrete need much attention.
There are four types of shrinkage:

  • Drying Shrinkage
  • Autogenous Shrinkage
  • Plastic Shrinkage
  • Carbonation Shrinkage

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