Mechanical Engineering(ME) is also called as the Mother of Engineering. This special branch of engineering comprises of different aspects of recent world and everchanging topics and theories. There are a huge option for the students and professionals who want to devote their hard work in this field and become famous throughout the world. As we are claiming that we are living in a modernised world so there is every opportunity for the mechanical engineers to play a key role.

To complete a mechanical engineering degree you may need to conduct a research on many aspects of mechanical engineering. As a student it is very tough to know what kinds of research is ongoing in this vast world.

So your research could be of any item from the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Micro-structure and phase analysis
  • Robust system
  • Engineering application in surgical equipment
  • Buckling of particle laden interfaces
  • Single phase Turbulent Enthalpy Transport

Dear Reader, I just put some of the huge topics available worldwide.You are requested to put the topic on comment box to help others to find the best topic for research.