Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the most promising banks of Punjab and you have the opportunity of opening a fixed deposit account by the internet banking services provided by the PNB. As the world is digitizing its services, so it is obvious within no time services like internet banking of Punjab National Bank will boom the economy of the country.

Today I am going to show you the processes of opening a fixed deposit in PNB. It’s super easy and safe to use.

Begining Steps: Opening Internet Banking Account

Step-1: You need to fill up a form to activate your internet banking account(Form available at your branch). Fill up the form and wait for the receiving the ID and password via postal mail to the provided address of yours.

Step-2: If you have received the credentials go to the https://pnbnetbanking.me  and select any of the two options at the upper right (Retail Internet Banking/ Corporate Internet Banking) based on your actual account.

Step-3: On the next page click on ‘ New User’ and after that enter your account number and check on the [Register for Internet Banking’. If everything goes OK, then you have the options to check whether you want to View Only/View and Transaction. Choose as needed by you.

Step-4: On the following page you will be asked to enter the debit card information provided to you. Fill out the information and click enter.

Step-5: On the next steps, you will need to set two new passwords named as login password and transaction password. Set them and after setting you are all done with your registration. You will receive the confirmation message instantly.

Please keep in mind that, you need to set the password of required strength to ensure your safety.

Your password must contain-It must contain a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 28 characters. The password must contain at least one alphabet, one special character and one number

  • 6 to 28 characters
  • At least one alphabet i. e. A, B,a,b etc.
  • At least one special character i.e. @,#,$,%,^,&,! etc.
  • At least one number i.e. 1,2,3 etc.

Fixed Deposits Opening Steps

Step-1: Please log in to your account and click on  ‘Manage Accounts’ tab where you will find ‘Open Fixed Deposits A/C’ option. Select ‘Open Fixed Deposits A/C ‘ option and fill out the all of the required information. The information would be about fixed deposit type, your transaction methods, amount you want to keep as fixed deposits, fixed deposit maturity related options, interest receiving options, duration of the fixed deposits, nominee options and from which account you want to debit the money.Fill out everything as required by you.

Step-2: Confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the bank. After confirming on next page you will be given a success message on successful completion of a fixed deposit account in Punjab National Bank.

N.B. Please keep all of the passwords in a  secure place to prevent misuse and confirm the safety of account.

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