The world is ever-changing and corporate banks are digitizing its process. State Bank of India(SBI) is not an exception to his scenario and they are offering to open fixed deposits through their online portal. This writing will lead you to the proceedings on how you can open a fixed deposit using SBI online processes. The steps are quite easy, just keep in touch to till the end.

Beginning Step: Opening Account

  1. To open your fixed deposit in SBI you need to log in using your temporary login ID and password (Go here to login). But how to get login ID and password? The answer is as follows-
  2. Collect your temporary login ID and Password (Internet Banking Kit) from the branch you opened your account.
  3. If you have an ATM card, you need not go to the bank and you can easily activate your temporary login ID by providing the card credentials.
  4. Navigate to and you will see two options

Option 1: Personal Banking

 Option 2: Corporate Banking

Choose any option that fits your needs. For example purpose, I am guessing that you are a new user, already collected you internet banking kit and wish to do Personal Banking. Click on the ‘New User registration’ and put your temporary login ID and password (Available on your Internet Banking Kit) and click on ‘Login’.

  1. On the next page change your username, enter your kit number and press ‘submit’. Choose a suitable username and password that is easy to remember to you.
  2. On the next page enter a new password and confirm the same password. It’s Easy.
  3. On the next step, provide another password termed as ‘Profile Password’ and confirm it. Please make it different from login password. Choose a question from the drop-down menu and answer it. Enter all other details as required.

Please do remember all passwords, security question answer or write them anywhere else, in a secured place. bEcause you will need the login password to any login, profile password for any transaction and answer of security question to recover your account if you have forgotten your passwords.

Final Step: Fixed Deposit Opening

  1. Login your account from here.
  2. Click e-fixed deposit on the home There are three options; Fixed Deposits, Fixed Deposits Under Income Tax Savings Scheme and Multi-option Deposits. Choose any one as required. For example, I am choosing fixed deposits and press ‘Proceed’ button.
  3. Fill up the information’s i.e. on which account money should be debited (if you have multiple accounts), senior citizen facility (how you want to be paid and re-invest options), Tenure of deposits (in days, months or years), maturity options (auto-renew principal and interest, auto-renew principal and repay interest, repay principal and interest) etc.
  4. Now read the terms and conditions and click submit button, if you agree.
  5. You will be redirected to a new page confirming that you are all done on opening a fixed deposit on SBI.
  6. Please keep the transaction number for any further procedures.

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