Highway is the  backbone of communication within a country. Every country has different highway ministry that is related to construction of highway. Like in Bangladesh, there is Roads and Highways Department which works under the supervision of Ministry of communication.




Different types of roadway has different purposes. A highway is one which connects the main cities, ports, airports to the central of the country. Generally the highway is the most superior road network in any country. To maintain the superiority quality maintenance is one of the utmost importance in any kind of roadway communication construction. Persons/organizations that are involved in a roadway construction are as follows:

  • Client: A client is who or a organization, who give the works or from whom the contractor will be paid.
  • Consultants: Usually the client does not maintain the quality of the work. They however recruit a consultancy firm to check the quality of the work.
  • Contractors: Contractors are those who works. Contractors are always liable to consultants and clients for their work.

Important persons involved in highway construction:

  • Project Director: Generally the project director is the head of the client organization.He/she is responsible to the govt. for the construction work. He/she keep good liaison with the high officials of govt. to ensure funding and imrovement of the project. He always communicate with the contractors/consultants head to know the improvement of the work.
  • Resident Engineer: He is the head of consulting house. No one of the consulting house can do any tests or any kind of paper signed without the permission of resident engineer.
  • Material Engineer( Consultant): Material engineer ensures the proper quality of the material to be used in highway construction.
  • Project Manager(Contractor): He manages the works of the project and keep liaison with the client and consultants.
  • Planning Engineer(Contractor: Planning engineer is responsible for proper planning of the work and for design to be approved by the client and consultants.
  • Material Engineer( Contractor): Material engineer ensures the best quality material to meet the specification to be used in highway construction.