Books Name:Principles of Geotechnical Engineering

Author/Writer: Braja M. Das
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN 13: 978-0-495-41130-7

ISBN 10: 0-495-41130-2

Edition: 7th

Pages: 683

Size: 10.19MB

B.M. Das is one of the most popular author of several soil mechanics,foundation engineering and geotechnical engineering books. His books are popular all through the world as the text used in this book are easy to understand, concise and error free.

Principles of Geotechnical Engineering is one the best books of Braja M. Das. The 7th edition of this book ofers several changes to its text and examples. Topics related to geotechnical engineering are explained in a concise,easy and understandable manner.Several graphs,tables and real life pictures make the text more competent to the learner. Several new worked out examples were incorporated. Exercise problems are changed to meet the latest inventions and findings of geotechnical engineering.

Soil properties,compaction,consolidation,phase relationship, site preparation and various new technologies in the field of geotechnical engineering were added to this new edition.