Book Name: Principles of Foundation Engineering -8th ed.

Author: Braja M. Das
Edition: 8th
ISBN-13: 978-1305081550
ISBN-10: 1305081552

How This Book May Help to Learn Foundation Engineering in Depth?

Braja M. Das is a very famous writer. Over the years we got sevral phenomenal books from his creative and easy writing in the field of geotechnical,soil and foundation engineering.
Principles of Foundation Engineering by B.M. Das is one of the best books available in the market in the field of foundation engineering. The 8th edition of the book is more effective,easy and of course updated to the latest theories and inventions of foundation engineering.

Principles of Foundation Engineering by B.M. Das (8th ed.) is completely different in many respects. This book not only describes the basic and fundamental principles of different types of foundation engineering but also shows several ways to solve real life problems associated with foundation engineering. This market winning book features updated information with latest theories and practice problems. These practice problems are designed in a way so that every user/reader can achieve the zest and apply the basic laws to design other foundations.

This book is written in clear,understandable,easy language so that students feel comfortable during completing their lessons. Problems are organized in a easy to tough order so that students gets the basic first and then can implement it to the harder problems.

The book is well organized and well described in a complete manner so that students need not to follow any other book to complete their foundation engineering lessons.This book is best suited for the undergraduate foundation engineering courses and could be good reference for the teachers and others.