Books Name: Reinforced Concrete Design

Author: C.K. Wang, Charles G. Salmon, Jose A. Pincheira

Pages: 950

Reinforced concrete design is the basic of all civil engineering structural design and design solutions. Modern buildings are built based on extensive research and methods. There are various codes and research papers of which result are adopted in constructing large and small buildings.The 7th edition of reinforced concrete design by C.K. Wang follows the ACI 318-05 code to comply with best ever researched design methods,. Design of beam, T-beam, shear wall, column (axially and eccentrically loaded), foundations etc. are widely discussed and reviewed.

R.C.C. design of different structures are also discussed in a manner that engineer or learner find it easy to solve any practical problems. Properties of steel,uses of steel and its types and behavior on different loading conditions are also discussed to make it as a full course for structural engineering.

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