Books Name: Basics of Mechanical Engineering

Author/Writer: R.K. Singal, Mridul Singal and Rishi Singal
Publisher: I K International Publishing House
ISBN 10: 8189866206

ISBN 13: 978-8189866204
Edition: 2007

Mechanical Engineering is often termed as Mother of Engineering. So the basics of mechanical engineering is ver important for any mechanical engineering student or any professional. Learning the basics of ME will help the students and professionals to improve their skills and much more.

Basics of Mechanical Engineering by Singal is a good book on the above topics. It covers the theories and also provided some practical knowledge to enable its readers to the utmost of mechanical engineering. As an Enginnerin professional you should have handsome knowledge on Calculus and Physics. This book easily and systematically developed the very basics of engineering principles and many more. Engineering thermodynamics, mechanics and strength of materials are also described in a very good approach to enhance the reader capabilities.

This book also contains some useful exam questions for the students so that they can prepare themselves for the examination.