SAP2000 is one of the best structural modeling and analysis software This software was made by Computers and Structures Inc.(CSI) of USA. CSI produces various modeling, drawing and designing software among which SAP2000, Etabs, CSIBridge, SAFE are the most popular software. CSI founded in 1975 and till now they are working tremendously for the computer-based modeling and designing of various structural forms.

CSI helps those who want to learn their great software and therefore they provided step by step tutorial on how to use SAP2000 in different situations in the real world. These video tutorial of SAP2000 is really very useful as they help to learn you the very basics of the software to the depth.As the videos are officially produced so they are the most reliable for the students and the learners.

01 Introductory Tutorial on SAP2000

02 Select Commands on SAP2000

03 Draw Commands on SAP 2000

04 Mass and Modal Analysison SAP2000

05 P-Delta Analysis on SAP2000

06 Nonprismatic Sections on SAP2000

07 Interactive Database Editing on SAP2000

08 Area Edge Constraints on SAP2000

09 Tension-only Bracing on SAP2000

10 Response Spectrum Analysis on SAP2000

11 Modal Time History Analysis on SAP2000

12 Section Designer on SAP2000

13 Cardinal Points on SAP2000

14 Displaying Tabular Data on SAP2000

15 Creating Reports on SAP2000

16 Cable Objects on SAP2000

17 Tendons on SAP2000

18 Gap Elements on SAP2000

19 Nonlinear Staged Construction

20 Nonlinear Shear Walls on SAP2000

21 Static Pushover Analysis

22 Power Spectral Density on SAP2000