Books Name: Seismic Analysis and Design of a Six Storey Building

Author/Writer: Dr. H. J. Shah and Dr. Sudhir K Jain

Publisher: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Edition: 1st( published by the financial help of World Bank (WB))

Earthquake is considered as the most destructive phenomena for the structures. As the intensity of earthquakes are increasing day by day so it is necessary to design any structure earthquake resistant.

Seismic analysis is a part of structural engineering and it determines a structures quality to response during earthquake.

Seismic Analysis is must for the modern high rise building. As the wave of earthquake hits the building, the structure should be able to resist to save peoples life and belongings. To save peoples life from this catastrophe seismic design and analysis is done by the structural engineer.

Dr. Sudhir K Jain