Document  Name:Shear Wall Design According to UBS 1997 ON ETABS
Author/Writer: CSI
Publisher: CSI

Shear Wall: Definitions and Design

Definition of Shear Wall:

Shear Wall is a structural system that has bracing that prevents the lateral loads coming on the structures such as earthquake. In any structure it is very important to design the lateral load carrying system including that of shear wall. Shear wall is also known as braced wall line.


Materials used for making shear wall could be concrete, woods or plywood. In a building where it is necessary to place an elevator, generally the shear wall is built on surrounding the elevator or the lift.

Shear Wall Design

ETABS is a worldwide known software for designing structures in various international codes. Shear wall can be designed using ETABS.

Load carrying system of shear wall is quite different from beams and columns. Shear wall usually carries horizontal loads such as earthquake load or wind load.

This document help you to design shear wall using ETABS 2016.