Books Name: Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual
Author: Braja M. Das
Edition: 8th
ISBN-13: 978-0199846375
ISBN-10: 0199846375

What this Book has Important For You?

Soil is said to be the most unpredictable element in civil and construction engineering. Therefore if you wish to reduce uncertainty in your construction works than it would be necessary to test and examine the soil according to the latest code of practice.
Soil exploration according to latest code is very important to get the characteristics of soil. Soil testing should be done according to the code to know which type of foundation you need to build a good and earthquake resistant structure.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual by B.M. Das is a very good and updated book on the soil testing. This book covers the essential properties of soil under stress and strain condition. Step[ by step procedures are described in a easy manner.
The procedure followed by this book is easy to understand and implement so that the tests of soil become more error free and accurate.
8th edition of Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual updates the ASTM codes. AASHTO codes also updated to this edition.

Topics Covered in This Book

  • Updates to the test designations of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • All tests now include general guidelines for preparing laboratory test reports
  • Ultimate shear strength and ultimate friction angle are now introduced in Chapter 16: Direct Shear Test on Sand
  • Includes empirical correlations for the coefficient of permeability and maximum dry unit weight and optimum moisture content to use and compare with the lab tests results.