Book Name: Analysis And GIS (Technical Issues in Geographic Information Systems)

Writer: Stewert Fotheringham and Peter Rogerson

ISBN: 0748401032 9780748401031

How This Book Can Help You Learn GIS and Spatial Analysis?

GIS is one of the most used surveying methods now-a-days.Due to high precision level GIS is being used by surveying professionals worldwide. GIS and Spatial Analysis by Stewart Fotheringham is a great book for GIS learners, Civil Engineers, Water Supply Engineers, and surveyors who work with GIS and Spatial Analysis.

Geographic Information System (GIS) is spreading throughout the world for many research purposes and also in many projects through which various spatial patterns like geodemographics,population,land usage and inventories of global resources can be found.

Spatial science is growing at a large scale and spatial analysis and patterns may need the help of GIS. GIS helps in growing data set,storing them,manipulation of data and analyzing.

GIS and Spatial Analysis by Stewart Fotheringham presents several ways through you can use GIS and spatial analysis can also be done. This book is a very good book for the learners and researchers as this book can help them in every process of GIS and Spatial Analysis.