STAAD Pro is one of the best structural modelling,detailing and analysis software. The primary version of this computer aided software was first invented in 1997 by Research Engineers International. Later the organization was bought by Bentley Systems in 2005.

Structural analysis and design is the major task of a Civil Engineer. Formerly it was done by hand calculation. Later enhanced uses of computer made it very easy to design and predict of structural members and other forms.

STAAD Pro uses the finite element method to analyze a structure.STAAD Pro supports various methods and codes for analysing any structure. generally concrete structure,steel structure,wooden structure and composite structure can be designed and analyzed using STAAD Pro.
There are various versions of STAAD Pro. Bently Systems often update STAAD Pro according to the new inventions and code change in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering.
You can learn STAAD Pro for free.
Go to the following youtube link and learn how to do a modelling at STAAD Pro V8i.