Books Name:Steel, Concrete, and Composite Design of Tall Buildings

Author: Bungale Taranath
ISBN-13: 978-0070629141
ISBN-10: 0070629145

Why You Should Have the Book?

Steel,concrete and composite materials are often used in civil engineering structures. Many of us do not know the rules that apply for the members based on these materials and generally apply the common forms of equations or formula that is meant to be not used for that particular material.Steel, Concrete, and Composite Design of Tall Buildings is a very good book on the topics mentioned above. The author illustrated various real life problems associated with construction and design of Steel, concrete and composite structures. Practical perspective in all of the possible cases are also included. This book complies with the latest codes and ANSI codes so that it can provide the best rules and procedures of designing. Many case studies are also included to facilitate the reader with the real life problems around the world and solve them easily and scientifically. The author also describes the way to choose the proper material for specific work or special purpose. In illustration of this kind of real life problems the author used various codes with associated common practice. So, this book could be a great asset for the practicing engineers and learners.