Books Name: Steel Construction Manual

Author: American Institute of Steel Construction
ISBN-13: 978-1564240606
ISBN-10: 1564240606

Why You Should Have This Book?

Steel is one of the most modern construction material now a days. Today in each side of the world, we can see many tall structures and many log span structures made up of steel material.

American Institute of Steel Construction is the pioneer in the research,design and construction of steel framed structure. They produced several books and manuals to improve the steel structures and still they are investing a lot to make it better for the future generation.

Steel Construction Manual by AISC is one the process by which AISC tries to disseminate its research knowledge to the practical world.Through this good book they tries to make it even better than ever in the field of steel construction.This manual contains each and every corner of steel construction and therefore could a be a helpful field guide and also be a handy book for the real life steel structure designers.

This book is the fourteenth edition has a lot of updates and revisions including revisions in the HP18 & HP16., updated connection tables based on increased bolt shear strength values, revised single-plate and extended single-plate connection design procedures, enhanced prying action procedure, and a revised bracket plate design procedure.