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Author: Timothy J. Waite
ISBN-13: 978-1572180451
ISBN-10: 1572180455

Why You Should Have This Book?

First read the story–Mr. Kelly build a house.The major material used in the house was wood and he thinks that he will get ultimate coolness of the nature with this wood house.But,he was not accurate. After a year, the wood began to warp and insects started to eat it up day by day.Mr. Kelly was worried about his house and his thinking of coll wood house gone away at last!

This is the story of not only for Kelly but for many of us. For construction material we can think of steel in replace of wood.It would not warp,rot or get eaten by the insects for sure.

Steel Frame house Construction is a book on the topic of steel framing either in the form of pre-engineered steel buildings or built by stick framing.This book is a step to step guide on how t build a steel house that will surely be a reason for your happiness.

Through this book you will get instructions on different types of steel used in building framing and tools & fateners you may need during the construction phase. Producing proper foundation for the steel framing system,connecting it with floor joists,rafters,roof trusses and lighting and ventilation considerations will also be taken care of by this awesome book. You will also get a estimate on how much man hour,labor or other things you may need and what is the costing of such item to build a steel frame house.

Those who are interested in steel frame house building construction can have a copy of Mr. Waite’s Steel Frame House Construction Book.The book is very well written and very much glued to its content.This will teach you why,how and when to start for a steel frame house building construction.