Book Name: Strength of Materials : Second Edition.

Author: Ferdinand L. Singer

Edition: 2nd

Why You Should Have This Book?

Here we comes with another book. This is a fundamental theoretical book on civil engineering and mechanical engineering. This book describes the basic properties of materials,their uses and characteristics. This book also have a lot of exercise problems which helps a student to understand the basis of strength of materials.

This book is best suited for the undergraduate students who wants to learn the basic of strength of materials. Everyone of us know that basic knowledge is the key to do well in the Strength of Materials exam and therefore this book could be of great help for the students.

This book is written in a clear and understandable language so that you do not feel any difficulty while solving the basic mathematical questions related to strength of materials. So for the students who finds Strength of Materials subject a tough one, this book could release your loads by making the subject more easy. By reading this awesome book you will be able to apply basic knowledge of Strength of Materials in any exam.