Book Name: Structural Engineering Reference Manual, 8th Ed

Author: Alan Willams PhD SE FICE. C Eng
Edition: 8th
ISBN-13: 978-1591264965
ISBN-10: 1591264960

Why Every Structural Engineer Should Have This Book?

Structural Engineering is one of the major branches of Civil Engineering. To pass the Structural Engineering (SE) exam of NCEES PE Exam you should have a good book on structural engineering.

Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams prepares you for the NCEES Civil PE Exam. It has several modules and chapters that can be your friend for NCEES 16 Hour Structural Engineering PE Exam. This book covers all topics of the syllabus and shows you a way to pass the exam. This book contains a comprehensive review of structural engineering topics that you may need the most. All of the structural analysis and design methods are presented in a way so that you can succeed in your exam.

The 8th edition of Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams covers all of the latest structural engineering codes and different solving methods are adopted for all of the problems. Different design method of timber and masonry are thoroughly explained including that of strength design method of timber and masonry.

Structural Engineering Reference Manual contains more than 244 structural engineering problems by solving which you will learn how to use concepts in real life design. There are 44 practice problems at the end of chapter that will certainly boost your knowledge. ASD and LRFD/SD design methods are newly adopted in the 8th edition that is certainly a good addition to this book. There are more than 700 equations, 60 tables, 190 figures and 8 appendices are cross referenced so that you find it easy to get your desired information at once.Moreover,this book is written keeping in mind that readers find it easy to read and capture in mind.The language and writing style of Structural Engineering Reference Manual are easy and understandable for everyone.

This book covers almost everything related to foundation engineering,building,bridges,timber structure,masonry,prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete.

This book follows latest codes like AASHTO(LRFD), TMS 402/602, ACI 318, International Building Code (IBC), ASCE 7, ASD/LRFD, AISI, PCI, AISC 327, SDPWS, AISC 325.