Book Name: Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book, 2nd Edition

Author:Fiona Cobb

ISBN:0 7506 5638 7

Page: 367

Size:2 MB

This book contains everything that should be carried by every structural engineer. This book contains design data, Masonry structure, shortcut process for structural design, Geo Technics, wood structure, pre-stressed concrete, reinforced concrete structure, composite structure, structural glass etc. This book also contains about the structural material used in construction, their probable use and properties.This book contains several needed contents of a structural engineer like tables,forms,graphs and equations. These contents are written and presented in such a way that a structural engineer would find it very easy to access and understand.

Tables,formulas and graphs are presented in such a way that would meet the demand for any scheme of structural design and therefore is very effective in helping the deign engineer. Whether you are in office,on site or any other place, this great,concise book would be good refernce book for you to carry.

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