Books Name:Structures Design Manual-for railways and highways

Publisher: Highways Department (The government of Hong Kong)
Edition: Third

structures design manual

The Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways sets out standards and provides guidance for the design of highway and railway structures in Hong Kong. The Manual was first published in August 1993 with its second edition released in November 1997. It has been widely used as a reference for highway and railway structural works by practitioners.

The third edition incorporates a new Chapter 19 on Design Checking. It also includes revisions to Wind Loading Design in Chapter 2, Parapet Design in Chapter 15 and Aesthetics in Chapter 17 which are based on recent studies, as well as minor amendments as a result of new research information, refinements in design methods and feedbacks on the previous editions.

The Bridges and Structures Division of Highways Department will regularly review and improve on the content of this Manual so that all design standards and guidance will be in line with the most up-to-date practice. We welcome any comments on this Manual for further improvements.


Structures Design Manual-for railways and highways