Books Name: Surveying( Problem Solving With Theory and Objective Type

Author: A M Chandra


ISBN: 978-81-224-2532-1

This is a good book on surveying. In this book Dr. A  M Chandra discusses the basic theory of surveying and also put up their practical applications.  He also put up objective type questions to solve the questions on surveying so that any student can realize the main theory in short form and can also prepare himself for any competitive exams on surveying. A M Chandra discussed about a lot of practical problems and solve them according to the rules of surveying.

Real life problems are throughly discussed in this book by A M Chandra.  Basic theories along with real life surveying problems made this book a unique one for its readers. Problems are solved using conventional and thumbs rule. Many field applications of theories are also included.

In job question often various surveying related objectives are given. To ease the process for the civil engineers and surveyors this book discusses the theory and then included several objective type multiple choice questions. By practicing these multiple choice questions job seekers can prepare themselves for any of type of surveying related jobs.

This book is mainly taught in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.