Books Name: Surveying: Principles and Applications (9th Edition)

Author: Barry Kavanagh
Edition: 9th

Why This Book is a Masterpiece on Surveying?

Surveying is the process by which the preliminary and final data are collected to have a complete  view of the construction project and to also include the ways of implementing the tasks on field.

To aid surveyors and civil engineers Kavanagh written the book in easy process. In this book he described the principles of surveying along with practical problems and worked out examples. This book will help the surveyors to understand the basic of surveying and to know how to create accuracy in field work. Chain survey, Photo grammetry, traverse survey, Plane table surveying and many more advanced surveying processes are described in easy manner.

This boo describes the basic of surveying along with proper explanation that helps readers to catch in depth knowledge about surveying. Moreover, several principles and their possible applications in field are discussed with easy language. That helps the reader to learn the on field application of theories.

By reading this book you can expertise your knowledge and will be able to apply your knowledge in the field.